North of Neutral




our mission is…

to unlock human potential, resulting in positive, measurable change for our clients that stands the test of time.

what we believe in…

Answers are within.
While it is key to take the pulse of our environment and to use available know-how, the answer to "what needs to be done" and "how to do it" resides within us.

Challenge and support.
Offering a compassionate thought partnership is part of the equation. We also give our clients the candid and essential feedback and advice they don't get elsewhere.

Together with our clients, we map out best practice on managing energy as they focus on reaching their goals.

Life is too short not to have fun. We help our clients uncover their natural playfulness, fostering creativity and innovation.

Walk the talk.
As part of our commitment to live with integrity we regularly offer pro-bono strategic advice and coaching in support of trailblazing efforts.

what makes us different…

You deserve to partner with the best. That we are highly experienced and certified strategic advisors and coaches who deliver results is table stakes. We draw on proven frameworks and our approach is customized to your needs.

That's why our clients choose us. But they stay clients and become our promoters because:

Our focus on strengths drives excellence.

As one of our clients commented, "you don't try teaching penguins how to fly, you coach them how to catch the biggest fish." Clients learn how to manage around weaknesses yet focus on marshaling their strengths. This is where clients feel energized, see the steepest learning curves, and are on top of their game.

Our global experience adds unique perspective.

All of our team members have lived abroad, worked in global organizations, and speak multiple languages. Whether clients move cross-culturally, are new to an organization or advance into a new role from within, we get what it takes to transition and lead globally with "oomph".

Our integrated approach delivers results that stand the test of time.

No one is an island. We ensure that individual behavior is also addressed in the context of the team and the organization as a whole. And we know when to draw on our deep network of experts when clients need to, in addition to leadership agility, develop specific skills and competencies.

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who we work best with…

Our clients are already successful. They are motivated to grow and develop as people and leaders.

They work in fast-paced environments.
Our clients juggle plenty of competing priorities. Stakes are high. To thrive, they know that resilience to stress and the ability to focus are key.

They are wicked smart.
Our clients are quick studies. They raise their hand when it comes to uncovering their blind spots, overcoming personal blockages and building strong relationships at work. And they love to learn.

They want purpose.
Our clients are seekers. Not only of meaning for themselves, but also of alignment of their values with the mission of their organization.

who we do not work with…

Successful change takes time and practice. We do not partner with organizations that seek a 'quick fix' as this fails to stand the test of time. We do not engage in penalty box coaching for leaders who have been written off by their organization.

Finally, leaders who engage in any form of integrity violations will not make it onto our client list.

where we meet our clients…

We frequently travel to where our clients work and live and complement local presence with virtual sessions. And we are always happy to welcome clients to our space in Paris, New York, London and Berlin.

where we meet our clients…

what else you may want to know…