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what about the dragonfly?

The dragonfly represents transformation, peak performance and living life to the fullest. It is the symbol of resilience. A dragonfly's capabilities are impressive. It is able to change direction quickly and efficiently whenever required. Its wings are dynamic structures that allow it to dart, dash, hover, fly forwards, side-ways and to spin around. At times it is a sprinter, flying upto 60 miles per hour. Other times, it is a marathoner with the long-term endurance to cross oceans. A risk-taker, the dragonfly can sometimes be found a long way from its native breeding ground.

The dragonfly positively impacts its environment. It hunts harmful insects such as mosquitoes, gnats or termites. It has been around forever, quietly observing when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

A dragonfly's vision is extraordinary: each eye contains upto 30,000 individual lenses, enabling it to see and process things from different perspectives. Our Leadership Resilience Program can't promise you all of this, but we are committed to bringing a bit of dragonfly to your life.

Leadership Resilience


Resilience is at the core of sustainable leadership. A resilient mindset quickly bounces back from adversity, regardless of daily pressures and stress. Based on the latest research, our resilience is about 50 percent determined by our DNA, and roughly 10 percent by life circumstances. This leaves a useful 40 percent where we can choose the way we behave and think, and can intentionally boost our stress-hardiness.

Reflecting on these three questions lets you gauge your resilience profile:

What is my commitment to my core values and strengths?
Understanding what makes us tick, and aligning the "why" we come to work every day with the "who we are" allows us to better manage challenges which can stand in our way.

How well do I learn from past challenges?
Rather than focus their energy on what is missing, resilient leaders mine their crucibles, fostering personal growth and future success.

What do I have control over?
Less optimistic individuals often exhibit "learned helplessness", assuming that they lack the ability to impact on the situation they face. Stress hardy leaders, on the other hand, act on what aspects they can influence: a confidence boosting outlook.

We partner with our clients, both one-on-one as well as in group formats, to help them customize their resilience strategy and tactics so they can be the strong, confident leaders which they aspire to be.

Check out key leadership resilience themes that we offer as part of our group coaching:

] Theme 1: Leverage your signature strengths
Based on empirical evidence, only every fifth employee has the opportunity to apply themselves to what they enjoy doing and do best. Identifying and learning how to apply our strengths more often and in novel ways gets us in that zone where we are most productive and fulfilled.

] Theme 2: Discover your authentic leadership
Understanding, owning and effectively conveying an identity that feels real is the backbone of sustainable success. Metrics, assessments and group coaching support this path of exploration, offering a bridge between where we are and where we aspire to be.

] Theme 3: Learn how to energize and renew
Learning how to systematically replenish energy levels, in addition to managing time and priorities well, boosts productivity despite increasing demands in the work place.

] Theme 4: Cultivate optimism and mental toughness
Fostering confidence and a growth mind set will lead to a greater ability to take risks, to drive innovation and as a result learn how to see failure as an essential driver of success.

] Theme 5: Forge powerful relationships
Research shows, having social support allows us to be up to seven times more engaged at work. No man is an island and knowing how to communicate for impact and to effectively navigate conflict directly translates into leadership resilience.


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