a strengths-based lens

If you could blink your eyes and have any job in the world – regardless of your experience, skills or education – what would that job be? Or perhaps more tellingly, who would you be? Most of us are raised with preconceived notions about the person we are supposed to be and the choices we should make. When you look closer, however, these concepts and beliefs may not feel authentic to you. They might fall short of “the real you.”

When you live your life “north of neutral” you know what brings you joy, feel motivated to move forward using your core strengths, and remain optimistic about your future. You look beyond the immediate rewards of “living the good life” to focus on what is most meaningful to you, both professionally and personally.

The underlying philosophy of our work with clients is the science of positive psychology, built on more than a decade of published theory and research. Positive psychology represents the scientific study of optimal human functioning and is used with children in the classroom to the adults in the boardroom. Unlike "positive thinking" approaches, which rely on repetition of positive statements to change attitudes (and can be quite harmful), the concept of positive psychology uses empirical methods to systematically build competence, boost your resilience, and promote excellence. This philosophy is rooted in the identification and cultivation of your core strengths: your assets and talents, and what you relish doing most. Using your strengths in concert with your values provides the basis to make long-lasting positive changes in your life. And it complements other strategies for change, as you might need considerable courage to challenge your status quo.

As thought partners to our clients, we offer customized approaches to identify and apply your strengths, to build on your authentic leadership resources, all while working with you to figure ways to mitigate your weaknesses and create impact as a leader. You can explore and build your vision for the future in a safe space, allowing you to move forward from business-as-usual to sustainable and meaningful success.