North of Neutral



"Working with North of Neutral helped me figure out some of my key strengths which wouldn't have drawn my attention otherwise. We worked together to develop an action plan on how I could best position these strengths to advance my personal brand and career objectives. My North of Neutral coach was very proactive in anticipating the issues I would bring to every coaching session and took time to get on the phone at short notices (even with her busy schedule) to follow-up and advise me at critical junctures. I look forward to benefiting from this experienced guidance through my future career."

"Eight months ago I was promoted to CFO – and while I am an expert on complex financial transactions, my challenge was to lead a team of over 450 people across three continents. Our VP of HR introduced me to a number of qualified thought partners for this transition, and I decided to work with North of Neutral. Their deep corporate experience, global pedigree, and holistic approach intrigued me. As a result of working with North of Neutral I am able to fully leverage the strength of my cross-cultural team, and have the confidence to execute on a challenging change mandate."

"My North of Neutral advisor was a tremendous help ... through our conversations I was able to draw out my strengths and the confidence I needed to deliver."

"I was lucky to hire North of Neutral at the exact time when I needed it. I was able to build confidence in my strengths – what an experience to work with a terrific professional who had a friendly, open approach, sensitive ear, positive attitude, and invaluable insight."

"I thought having us draw out thoughts to the themes we were to cover was very interesting. Most people do not communicate via drawings. By changing the way we communicated I think it made us more introspective and enabled us to think at a deeper level. Working with peers in our industry to do the exercise was also very helpful as we could easily relate to each other, situations, challenges, and opportunities. Having more than one peer do the coaching also provided different perspectives and having a global group was additive in terms of introducing diverse backgrounds and cultures. I also learned from the group coaching process I went through in thinking about topics, getting coached and being a coach. The entire process was very holistic. Our North of Neutral coach was very perceptive, adept at shaping the discussion but allowing for each session to flow naturally. It was a unique experience and very valuable."

"I selected my North of Neutral advisor for deep industry know-how, personal credentials, and coaching experience. My coach's background covered all aspects, so I could trust the judgment and advice."

"As an introvert I was at first a little dubious about the idea of group coaching. What I enjoyed most about the sessions was having the opportunity to be a coach, it helped me be very aware of how to ask powerful questions and how to build connections. I learned a lot about my own strengths and how to build on these in a work context. Within our small group there were very different personalities and styles and I found this diversity very helpful from a learning perspective."

"I loved working with you! When we started working together, I knew that I was unhappy with my work-life balance, working 80-hour weeks and struggling to find time for my five-year-old son. Over the course of three months working together, you helped me get a better understanding of who I am, what my passions are, and how to go about getting what I want. More importantly, you were always there to encourage me and to acknowledge every baby-step success along the way. Mille Grazie!"

"The North of Neutral team has been very valuable for me and I would always trust them with other career topics."

"What sets North of Neutral apart from other coaching organizations is the real-world business savvy with top corporate brands, a truly global outlook, and a holistic lens to their work. My coach was a gifted thought partner: a deep listener, supportive, and not afraid to ask powerful questions and give advice that brings out the best in people."

"In our group coaching I experienced our North of Neutral coach as alert, sensitive and quickly able to establish a stimulating environment that enabled in-depth and inspiring discussions. With her profound experience she gave excellent guidance. I very much enjoyed the group coaching. I particularly liked the fact, that she has a fine sense of humor, that makes the experience so much easier and enjoyable."

"Taking a battery of personality assessments was an enlightening exercise. The true value-add, however, was working with a professional to gain a more holistic perspective on who I am and how I can best leverage my strengths and navigate key weaknesses. My North of Neutral coach's approach involved probing and giving advice, resulting in an impactful approach that allows me to achieve my goals."

"North of Neutral ran a workshop on 'Leadership that creates followership' at our Institute. It offered an invaluable opportunity for our senior industry leaders to reflect on what kind of a leader they aspire to be, where their leadership brand is today, and what capabilities they will need to build to unleash their full potential as leaders. Topics covered included: leading with a purpose, building high performance relationships, understanding others, and stakeholder management."

"The group coaching experience was great. At the beginning we agreed as a group to keep everything confidential, immediately inspiring trust and confidence in the process. We had open discussions about many different topics (client cases, life stages, personal experiences, work life balance etc.). Each person was very honest and I could learn from how others treat a difficult client situation or manage their work life balance. We also "real played" several client situations.

To be honest, I generally do not like such discussions within groups. However, in this format we explored alternate approaches and the feedback from the coach and my peers was extremely useful. Before the end of the coaching program we identified follow-up action items and set up calls with our peer coaches to ensure we would continue to pursue our development goals. These three days were great for me personally and taught me how to be more successful in my business. Thank you!"

"The North of Neutral team provides a step-by-step approach that is truly customized and in tune with your needs. They are not afraid to ask pointed questions, to offer candid feedback and to hold clients accountable. Their years of corporate experience offer the necessary perspective to advise business clients effectively."

"Many people seem apprehensive at first about the idea of using an external party to drive internal growth. North of Neutral's dedication to its clients really stands out – they are professional yet personable, patient and understanding, and also hold you to what you said you were going to accomplish in a given time frame."

"You were of great help in summarizing and profiling my past experiences into a compelling and coherent story. Your broad professional experience is by itself an asset when it comes to supporting people who are not really sure of what they want to do. Europeans who want to work in the U.S. and vice versa greatly benefit from your cross-cultural background. You are very dynamic, always willing to help, always accessible, and easy to work with."

"I was a participant in one of North of Neutral's workshops on positive change in New York City and I thought it was a great experience. I particularly liked their holistic approach and how they were able to introduce serious content with a good sense of humor – definitely time well invested!"

"I had a life-changing experience with my North of Neutral advisor. The effective coaching (supportive and challenging) kept me well focused on my change vision. Responsive and extremely resourceful, I gained invaluable insights for networking that I'm still using. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with North of Neutral again."

"The genuine and enthusiastic style of my North of Neutral advisor made her very easy to work with. She helped me grow on three different levels: personal leadership, influencing, and stakeholder mapping. With her help I identified my signature strengths and explored how I could best leverage these for personal and professional impact."

"I worked with North of Neutral for 6 months in 2013. I chose them after evaluating a shortlist of 4 executive coaches. Why? Because they understood the cultural challenges I faced moving to the US and running a $400m business from Headquarters. My coach was a straight talker and communicated very clearly. She will make you work by asking deep searching questions and ensuring a lasting learning experience as you discover yourself. I would highly recommend working with a North of Neutral partner to improve leadership skills and to become more aware of your impact and influence professionally and personally."

"Through North of Neutral I hired an inspiring coach that used the knowledge she has acquired from her long and successful career to assist professionals in reaching their maximum potential. She was personable and well prepared and she helped guide me in identifying the areas that I would like to improve on and also in identifying the possible changes that needed to be made in order to have the best results. She was patient and a great listener and she challenged me when I needed to think out of the box. She also followed up with me to see how I am progressing and again asked more question to help me see for myself what I needed to tweak to have the results I wanted. Overall, she is a great coach and because of her I have seen a positive difference."

"I greatly enjoyed and benefited from working with my North of Neutral coach - she struck a perfect balance between being challenging and being supportive, was warm and professional throughout and helped me to see myself in a clearer and more positive light. Her business experience and quick mind helps her to grasp the essence of the situation, while her training and personality stop her from being sucked into client's perspective. I fully and happily recommend her as a thought partner."

"I had the great privilege of working with North of Neutral at a PwC Leadership Development Program. The success of our initial meeting led to several post-conference sessions. I went in to the conference with limited expectations and came out with an entirely new outlook on my career, it was incredible! I'm not one to open up easily but my North of Neutral coach made me feel completely comfortable, like I had known her for years. She was able to help me recognize what my true strengths were, even some that I had previously considered weaknesses. Her coaching has had a tremendous positive impact on my attitude and career outlook. I would recommend her to anyone looking to maximize their career potential. I look forward to working with her for many years to come!"